This morning as my laundry whirls inside the washing machine, I suddenly missed something. I was reminded of our first hosting gigs together, when we get a little nervous at first and even practice our "choreo" and then we end up nailing it because we need not to practice really because we can almost read each other's mind. Like I know what joke to throw because I am sure you'll pick up easily what I was getting at and you'll finish my sentence for me. Remember when we hosted our prom and the launching of a youth organization sponsored by the congressman? And then there was our writing stint for Starfish magazine—Heroes issue.
But we have grown old and our universe started to split like a cell undergoing mitosis. You have a career while I am still chasing mine.

What I was trying to say is that I missed collaborating with you. I feel like I am so empowered and I can do anything kasi nga we are partners-in-crime. Daani, when will we kill a project together again? Maybe we can write a book, make a short film, host an event, facilitate a seminar-workshop. Anything. I am game.
Oops! I gotta go back to my laundry.
Your bestie-slash-daani-slash-pakner-in-crime-slash-numero-uno-fan-slash-most-cruel-critic,