Aaaaah! What is so wrong with me today? I have written four blog posts today which I am posting not simultaneously. Thanks to Blogger, I can schedule when they are supposed to come out even if I have saved them already in the data base. It saves me time. Like as if a girl like me doesn't really have time to waste on this noble endeavor of blogging. But right now, an hour before midnight my fingers still itch for a tête-à-tête with the keyboard. Should I blame my girl crush on Garance Dore or the pathetic shows that are showing on the boob tube tonight which include a Pinoy movie starring Dawn Zulueta and Aiko Melendez that revolves around defending sluts, why they had to be sluts and that is because they had to, and they must fill the void in their hungry stomach. They must. They must. Another movie in channel 13 which stars Edu Manzano, Jaclyn Jose and Thetchie Agbayani. Wait, did I get their names right? And then there's Bachelorette in ETC.
Gorgeous alpha males competing for a not so alpha-female. C'mon, like as if every Adonis-like man in the show falls for her right then and there or until the end of the season when everyone expects the girl to choose between the two lovers who are supposed and must-because-the-show-calls-for-it be on his knee holding a ginormous diamond ring. I don't understand such reality shows. Can we even consider them reality? And then there's Imortal in ABS. But because I don't watch soaps anymore after the Maging Sino Ka Man Book II spoiled my love for soaps, I skipped to the next channel. For the record, the only soap I am proud to have watched is Maging Sino Ka Man. The first one. Everyone just had to love Anne Curtis and her character who is the epitome of the modern Pinay—a mix of warring opposites. What was I saying earlier? I must have run a mile away from the original topic. So I was saying that tonight, because I can't decide which one I'll
watch I just jump from one channel to another. Just when the Dawn Zulueta movie starts to catch my attention, the lines become clearer and it becomes clearer to me as well how emotionally intense the scene is yet I feel nothing. Nothing but irritation so I'll jump to another channel. That is why I managed to know what is showing tonight in every channel.
Enough nonsense already. I am becoming too talkative now when I should be shutting up and curling up in my bed like everyone else at this hour before the middle of the night. This is the curse of wanting to write for life and aspiring to be a true writer. Small things that you notice cause noise in your head that the only means of bringing back the silence is to transcribe the voices in your head into written words immortalized on the virtual walls of the internet like graffiti on the streets of Brooklyn. Meaningless but artsy for graffiti artist. Enough said. Silencio por favor. Buenas noches.