I haven't foreseen that it will come to this, having to post through MMS. Posting can wait, right? But really I need to rant. Baddest of luck befell on me last night. But then I deserve it. Because I am an adik (addict in Filipino).

Here's what happened. I was deep into the electronic pages of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol e-book which I was reading on my ASUS Eee PC netbook. I saw a warning on my screen that I was on battery instead of AC even if my AC adapter was plugged in. I didn't mind it thinking that since I was reading with the netbook on my bed, I must have unplugged it accidentally. So I continued to read until midnight. I completely forgot about the adapter until I noticed that my power is running out. I checked the connection and voila, it's not working! Have I mentioned that the adapter was sandwiched between my pillows and was as hot as hell?

So now, I have to surf the net through mobile browsing all because I am so adik with my netbook that if it could file a suit against me for abuse, the jury's verdict will put me behind bars. My relationship with it is the closest I have to anything. Like face to face with it from the moment I wake up and fall asleep. How do I fix this? I need it asap. No, not just because I am having withdrawal symptoms.