[[ RH BILL ]]

So this friend of mine messaged me on Facebook asking me what is my stand on the Reproductive Health Bill. My simple answer is: I AM PRO-RH BILL.

1. What is so wrong with sex education?

2. If you don't want contraceptives, nobody urges you to use one.

3. If you don't want contraceptives, why deprive others if they want to have access to them?

4. Contraceptive is not equal to abortion.

5. Don't you just hate the image of a poor Filipino couple bearing a child every year yet cannot even feed their kids decently?

The authors of the bill and thousands of its supporters can add more to my list. But the thing is, maybe it's time to open our minds to new solutions to old problems. If it proves futile, we can always abolish it. I just think it is worth the try.