[[ A EULOGY ]]

She is one of those people I don't understand very well even if we are bestfriends. She is a mystery to me. I wanted to put her under a category, a stereotype but my efforts are in vain. But if there is something that I understood from her, that is she wanted to live.

Yes, she wanted to live. She wanted more from life. She wanted to live in every breath like a blossoming daisy in the meadow, fragile yet hungry for life. She saw life behind the lens of poetry, where tragedies are as beautiful as fairy tales. She wanted to fly. She wanted to be free. She wanted to embark in adventures. But this world is obsessed with safety. She saw a sea of people in suits and pinstripes, racing relentlessly up the success ladder, where success means an education from a reputable institution, an 8-5 job, a spouse and maybe some children, a "stable" kind of life. Safe.

One day, she asked me,"What if Magellan was a safety-freak and did not sail around the world? What if Alexander the Great stayed inside the safety of his home? What if Copernicus did not question the belief then that the earth is the center of the universe?" I jokingly said,"Maybe we'd still be in the Dark Ages."

She told me her plans. I thought she was a little too ambitious for what she wanted was never been done before. She said she only want to leave footprints. To achieve this goal, she had to be freed and let t the world caged her in its norms and customs.

My friend, I did not know you will set yourself free like this. I know this life lost its meaning to you but I wish you stayed and like the rest of us, endured it. I may never will comprehend your reasons,but I am consoled that perhaps, wherever you are, you may find whatever that is lacking here.