So there's this someone who flattered me with this on Facebook:

"Loving Ms. Sittie Ayeesha Macapundag Dicali's blog! http://www.ayeeshamd.info/ She's such a STYLE ICON! A Mranao Style Icon! =)"

Thank you. My heart melted as a cheese on a pizza fresh from the brick oven. But you know what, there is something about it that makes me uneasy. To label me that puts pressure on me to be always stylish. And it scares me. Just as much as some people always think that I am too brainiac, or that boy who said I am too good for him.

Yes, I take pride in my sense of style and fashion know-how. But the truth is, I am not all THAT. I am just your average girl who does not care whatever people might say or think if they see me wearing something they find different. They may laugh at me, or ridicule for it, but really I don't care. Fashion is something I find fun and a way to express who I am. No pressure. Whatever clothes and accessories I wear, I want that they reflect who I am and not just going with the trends, or worse, copying someone else. But please, do not put me on that level of an icon. I feel like I can't live up to it. I can't

This is not false humility. I tell you. But thank you you with all my heart for the appreciation. It means a lot because these days, generosity in giving compliments is like a dying trend.

Here's a toast to everyone who is immersed with fashion, but does not get carried away by the currents, but swims freely as a fierce and stylish mermaid!