This is one of those rare days that I wake up early in the morning knowing that I want to blog but have no specific idea to write about. Would you mind if I just write what I'm thinking about this morning?

1. Check my Facebook. These days, we'll have to accept the fact that this social networking site is really an extension of our social life. If you are not visible on Facebook, it's like missing half of the social interactions in the world. So that's it. First thing in the morning, I check my notifications, see my friends' pages just to have an idea what they're up to these days. We don't see each other anymore nor text as much as we used to. Mark Zuckerberg, thanks.

2. Worry about my short film. I have mentioned in this blog that I have joined the Sineng Pambansa Lanao del Sur Short Film Competition 2011. I'm such a worry wart that I am so stressed about it. What could possibly be more stressful when you are supposed to have a partner-in-crime but because of some unfortunate circumstances, you find yourself alone, doing things all by yourself like a bird with injured wings. I'm glad there is DotA. I can always channel my frustrations and negative feelings at the end of the day by skirmishing with the heroes of Warcraft III. There's nothing that makes me feel better than hearing: double kill! triple kill! killing spree! m-m-mega kill! monster kill! and if things are going perfectly... BEYOND GODLIKE!

3. I'm sluggish this morning. I'm tired from our trip to Cagayan de Oro yesterday. I feel like listening to Bruno Mars' song, I don't know the title, I guess it's the lazy song and then nod with agreement as Bruno sings "today I'm not doing anything." But I have a ton of things to do and I am torn between cocooning under my fluffy blanket and springing out of bed to do what I got to do. I saw this line this morning:

"It's one of those half and half days -- some good, some bad -- but the overall quality is totally up to you and what attitude you choose to adopt."

That helped me in deciding which I am choosing.


  1. After 15 years of hard, serious work, I don't feel like doing anything everyday anymore. :D But I guess we just have to push ourselves everyday...


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