[[ FRAGILE 3 ]]

Two weeks ago...

I was pacing back and forth in my bedroom glancing every minute at my cellphone. I would lie in bed, toss and turn, sit, and then pace around like a palace guard on duty. The cellphone beeped, my heart jumped along with my feet as I grabbed the poor thing to see who sent me a message. Was it from him?

"Oh hi. U may come 1st week of july so long as u are fine. Do continue taking ur meds until i see u."

It's from my doctor. Damn! Dammit!

I turned on my netbook, browsed my media files. I played random music and watched random videos. But I couldn't keep my eyes from not checking the damn cellphone. I missed you. I missed your call. I missed your voice. I missed how we would laugh at every little thing. I missed you. I really did miss you.


My cellphone lies untouched on top of my cabinet. It's battery is drained and I did not load it. I couldn't care less if someone calls or texts. Whoever does, I simply do not care at this moment. Because I am content today. I'm not thirsting for a drink, craving for a comfort food, and not even really missing you.

Maybe because someone else sent me flowers yesterday.

Someone else makes me feel beautiful,

Handles my fragile heart with care.


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