Pardon me because in the next lines, I will be talking about a pair of red shoes like as if they might just change the world and make it a better place. If you don't care about shoes as much as I do, do not read further. :)

These shoes are the prettiest among my shoes, I believe. They are the second tallest with about 5-inch heels. They are the hottest because of the sexy peep toe hole and fiery red color. They match my personality because they are covered with velvet and have some zipper detailing--feminine and edgy. 

Here's the story of the red shoes. I bought them on the morning of June 29. I had nothing to wear on the opening night (girls always feels like they have nothing to wear on big events anyway.) I thought I will just buy a pair of new shoes to compliment my old clothes and glamorize them. The event calls for smart casual and I have to strike a balance between glam and casual, When I saw those red babies on the rack, I knew I had to buy them or else I'll regret it for the rest of my life. I have this shameless adoration for shoes that I see them as the focal point of every outfit. Moreover, I am influenced by this line from Giovana Battaglia: "The lower I feel, the higher the heel." On occasions that calls for a boost of confidence, a pair of pretty shoes never fails me.

I wore them on the opening night and the next day. Look how dressed down they were when I paired them with an over-sized T-shirt and boyfriend jeans. What is funny about them is that Direk Sherad Anthony Sanchez and Direk Gutierrez Mangansakan II remembered my shoes. After wearing them on the screening day(a rainy and hectic day for everyone of us), the next day when I attended a lecture workshop with the two direks, the first thing they asked me was "Where are your red shoes?" They remembered me not necessarily for my film but certainly they remembered me with those shoes. Now that's making an impression.