It's been more than a month since I last posted something in here.
You may be wondering what on earth could possibly keep me from
blogging. I owe it to my readers an explanation on where was I all
this time that this blog has gone so silent.

Here's the story.

I actually volunteered myself to reviewing fourth year students in a
barrio school for the college entrance tests that they will be taking,
especially the MSU SASE. It's a sad reality that many students around
Lanao del Sur do not qualify to study in MSU due to poor learning in
their formative years. Around here, MSU is the best university one can
go to. It is one of the top universities in the country at
unbelievably low tuition fee. What more can anyone ask for? I thought
to myself, instead of bumming around, why not spare my time and energy
to these kids. They badly need some reviewing.

I could have blogged still if Globe Tattoo signal can reach me there
in that remote area in my mother's hometown. It is so rural that I
can't even send a text message. I thought I wouldn't last a day but a
week into the review, I fell in love with the kids. I haven't been
this consistently happy for a long time. And I hope you, my readers,
will understand that working for a cause and having that kind of
fulfillment in return is worth some time away from the blogosphere,
Facebook, and Twitterverse.


  1. Kaya pala your so MIA.hehe. Pero At least nakatulong ka sa kanilang future. Pwede kana sa GAWAD GENY LOPEZ JR. *kidding* =)

  2. Nice blog :) glad you're back.

  3. Haha oo nga pwedeng pang NobelPeace Prize award. Go Ayeesha.

  4. @sasa... kaya nga eh. sobrang miss q nang magblog.

    @tay tay, thanks. am glad to be back too.

    @david, ur kidding me. tok!


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