One summer while I was in Illinois, there was this group of students who were promoting a spring break event. They gave yellow pens, paper clips, and even Frisbees to passersby. Those items were personalized, on them were messages pertaining to the event that they were promoting. I thought that was a great way of advertising. Hey, when you receive those items, it will surely be difficult to shake off the thought of how great that event must be because their promotional giveaways are amazing too,
So that was ages ago when I haven’t learned the power of the World Wide Web.
Anyway, my blogversary is like three months from now and already I am thinking about you know, giveaways like every respectable blogger does. However, I don’t know what sort of things my readers will appreciate or would love to receive. So my thoughts went down memory lane to that time that I got promotional items for that spring break event. How about something useful that will benefit my followers, which is personalized with something that will promote my blog like the go promos ink pens that are very good for note taking. Perhaps a mug printed with the logo and url of my blog.
What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. hmmm... i don't do giveaways, therefore i am not respectable.

    But I'd appreciate a notebook, or a shirt with kickass print :)

  2. i hear u lakwatsero. david, kaw din mamigay.w din mamigay.

  3. Giveaways are always a good thing for all bloggers alike. It rewards dedicated readers.

    promotional umbrellas


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