[[ Environmental Writing and Action Workshop ]]

      October 11-15, the US State Department in partnership with the PARFUND and University of San Carlos held an Environmental Writing and Action Workshop for a group of USG alumni. I am privileged to be a part of that said workshop that educated us that in making programs to conserve the environment, we should make sure that our approach is "ridge to reef". What I learned was that whatever you do at the ridge, or the mountains", it inevitably affects the lowlands up to the reef, or the bottom of the sea. These are the pictures I took from the trip. I'd be talking about the other details soon.

The Philippine Youth Leaders Program Youth.


Entrance to the Butterfly Farm

I like the T-shirts and bags the organizers provided. :)

I just had to take a pic of the flowers in the butterfly farm. Lovely noh?

The tree house at Archival's house--the house that is so environment friendly.

They have organic garden within the premises of the house.

This one is where they put biodegradable materials to produce bio-gas.

Wood from construction sites are recycled into beautiful furniture.

Me and my Pocari Sweat drink. Thanks Ryan Limos for the thirst-quencher!

Paw, our official photographer.

Ceiling of Archival's House. Surprisingly, the house is cool inside without any cooling system. This architectural design helps in the cooling and ventilation of the house.

Cutest recycled furniture I've seen.

Those Nips-like thingies are actually bottle caps.

Mangrove planting. It's easier than your regular tree planting. 

Cebu, I'll be back!