the closet dilemma...

One problem every girl has is having too small closet clothes for too many clothes. This is exactly what I am facing now. My closet is a crazy little bitch who won't accept more clothes. It spits the out. Frustrating. It's not like as if I am Carrie Bradshaw who can have a walk-in closet anytime.
Because I wear heels all the time, my soles are rubbing off.

I know, this is jahe. I was never the best in organizing things.

I don't even have a shoe closet. :(

Even my parrot yells "Help!"

In this shoot...

Blue Jeans: Penshoppe
Blue Satin Top: Custom-made
Red peep-toe stiletto: Thrifted
Parrot Necklace: Lyz


  1. hi sis. i'll love to link exchange with you. :)

  2. Ako nga, i only have box at home where i put my overflowing clothes.


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