A Decade of Barkadahan

“Fly away on my zephyr...”

-Red Hot Chili Peppers

That’s actually our song and it reminds me of a long history of friendship with my girls—the Zephyrians.  It started Nov. 5, 2001; we were fresh-faced first year high school students of MSU-Institute of Science Education-Science High School. Fast forward to today, we are women who we have dreamed to be. And in between that day in 2001 and today, a lot have happened that shaped us into who we are.

We were seven—and now six—in the group: Aya, Jo, lette, Happy, Leanne, and Me. Aya is the sweet conservative girl. Daughter of an Aleem, she has always been the girl who wakes up my conscience. She is the paragon of patience and integrity. Jo is that pretty girl who doesn’t really know how beautiful she is. The best thing about her is that she values inner beauty more than appearances. She can kick some ass if you mess with her. Anong sabi ng belt niya sa karate? Pow! Lette is a petite lady with a big personality. You can’t possibly miss her in a crowd with her artistahin-Joyce-Jimenez-sometimes-Krista-Ranillo face. A jane-of-all-trades, she can dance a mean samba, sing and compose music, and write soul-wrenching notes in FB. Leanne is our very own Saab Magalona. She really looks like her! She got married the earliest among us, she now proves that she can be a good mom and wife. I salute her for that. I mean, how can one stay that pretty while taking care of a hubby and two uber beautiful children? Happy is the smart pants. Despite her conservative looks, she rocks when holding drum sticks. She is our future doktora.

We’ve been through a lot, really. I’d be forever punching down letters if I try to chronicle everything. One thing though, my barkada has been there for me through thick and thin. I can be the realest me when I’m with them. I don’t hold back any secrets at all because I am secure with the fact that they don’t judge me, they won’t itch to expose my dirty laundry, and they accept me and love me for who I am. That’s exactly how I feel for them too. They are like blood sisters to me. I so love them!

One decade of friendship and it still feels like we were those high school girls who rocked the hallways. We have separate lives now. Leanne has a family to take care of. Lette is away for work. Aya will soon leave the country to join her husband in Kuwait. By the way, Aya just got married last week. Jo is a newly licensed teacher. Happy is a busy as ever med student. While I am still living a bohemian lifestyle. Yes we have grown up individually. But we have not grown apart. There is still that feeling of belongingness when we are together. We have our circle of friends yet at the end of the day, we always come back to the circle where we have experienced what real friendship is—one that is bonded with unconditional love.

One decade down, there is more to go. I look forward to more years of friendship. I am writing this while I’m down with flu, my laptop on my bed while my head is spinning. But just reminiscing makes me feel better. Life can never be as good without you.


  1. i so love it.... but you never did mention who you are in the group... let me go ahead and introduce to you all the writer of this blog in a different angle, nothing like you ever heard about her before... Aye... you may know her as a very intelligent, witty and straight forward, you're right. However, that's just one piece of her that she shows in public. Aye is a very composed person. In the midst of surreal events, she manages to stay calm without her knowing it. Her heart is pure and true and even if she acts like she doesn't care, truth of the matter is, she does... she can't help it.. it's already in her nature! A born compassion that even if she's already struggling to keep her head above the water, she still has that reflex to take a deep breath and save someone drowning.. I drowned before and it almost took my life, but she was one of those very few who stood by me and offered me her hand... that's Aye... that's who she really is...

  2. Thanks Lette. :) I never knew I am like that. Or at least that's how you see me.

  3. haha sometimes we don't know things about ourselves that people tend to notice we possess... love yah gurl..


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