Boho Days

It has been pretty a long time since I have written something from my heart. For a time, I guess I just didn't want to talk about it. It's not easy to be too honest online. It's never easy to expose oneself to the world. Arrows may come from anywhere.

But right now, I have this need to write. To write from my heart.

I just enrolled for the second sem of this school year to finish everything that I have left off hanging. You know I left school (again) for reasons that need not be verbalized. It took plenty of courage for me to come back to school. You know when you are a dropout, coming back is such a dreaded thing. You are already too accustomed yet to foreign to the school environment. I had to come back because even I felt like I need to live a real dream and stop this boho kind of life--too carefree and floating with the wind.

The past few months have been my happiest. I fell in love with filmmaking, volunteered to a public high school, and did pretty much anything that I found fun without any responsibility to hold me back. I was so unattached, so free. I enjoyed and devoured every moment of it. I can live that way forever, a brown-haired petite lady in her flowy dress and ethnic beads lounging on the meadow. I was growing too unattached and farther from the real world and bang goes the rubber band effect. I snapped back to reality with a zing. The truth really is I cannot live that way forever. Like what I told Rashid:

"We can never really escape the tarpaulin culture."

As much as I want to be idyllic and idealistic, in this harsh world, we don't thrive on sunshine and butterflies. The so-called life is lived in the name of power, wealth, fame and glamour. At the end of the day, the honorable is the politician, not the teacher in the barrio. At the end of the day, unless you have a prefix and/or suffix to your name, you are a nobody. We can't escape that, at least in the Meranao society.

I'm not into power, wealth, and fame. But when people start acting like they are tiara-wearing princesses around you just because they have prefixes already, you want to remind them who can wear the tiara better.

Although I am ready now to play the game that everyone else is playing, I won't lose that boho vibe. I will always see life from a different lens. I will always aspire to, as much as possible, walk on the road less taken and leave a mark in everything I do. I will take my time. I will stop chasing the dragon flies just to smell the roses and kiss a baby. One thing that I firmly believe in is that we have a choice in life. We can live it any way we want. Life is too short to waste on conformity and too precious to waste on idling.


Denim button-down shirt worn as a cardi: Levis

Dress: custom-made

Gladiator sandals: Parisian

Croc shoulder bag: gifted



  1. TARPAULIN CULTURE huh? hmMmp! Guess I have 2 prioritize my own thing as well.. :D

    BACK TO SCHOOL!! and take da less taken 8! I really thought dat I was da only person who thought wat u have uttered above... tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk!! ^______________^.

  2. tarpaulin culture... the term i coined for the meranao's obsession with prestige as exhibited by the tarps (of their relatives who passed board exams, got promotions, became a bae or datu) in massive quantities all over marawi city and neighboring municipalities. this put pressure to the youth to do good so that they will be in the tarps too.

    thanks dexter for that sweet comment. good to know that there is someone who thinks the way i do.

  3. MashaAllah. I thought I'm the only one who thinks that way too. Nong nabasa ko 'tong post mo ate, na-speechless po ako. O.O .Hope marami makabasa nito to wake them up naman. I hate seeing those tarpaulin whenever i went home in Marawi. Nakaka-annoy lang e. Di tuloy makita ang City natin. Parang pinapalandakan nilang sila na talaga!! (di ta dn itaros, baka may ma-offend). Why don't they just keep it in their selves, di ba? they're just putting pressure to youth to do good so that they will have tarps too. In that way, Meranao youth will strive more on how will they pass board exams, etc. too, and not striving of how will they become a better person, a better leader someday that can make a better changes in our own City. Na-rerealize ko minsan how pity our city is! Marami ngang matatalinong Meranao, pero bakit ang tatangang kumilos? Sorry, sobrang haba na ate. Nilabas ko rin lang sama ng loob ko sa TARPAULIN CULTURE na yan. :D lol MashaAllah, you inspired me to be open in my own point of views na rin. A new Fan of yours here. Just a nice blog. ;) Wassalam.

  4. Kakabasa ko lang ng post na to :) soo agree with u. I'm a maranao and taga MSU. Since bata pa ako ay namulat na ako sa city na puno ng banner. Hindi pa uso yang tarp2x na yan. Dati Medyo ok pa kasi medyo konti lang yung mga banner. Ngayon ay masyado ng marami. The city is too crowded. At matan ko maraming unfinished establishments. Many beautiful mosques ang walang maintenance specially King Faisal which is napaka ganda sana. If may kapangyarihan lang ako para baguhin ang aking lupang sinilangan. Gagawin ko ...


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