Inspired (or triggered?) by Adele's Song

It’s Christmas eve. Honestly, I don’t give a damn if it is. It’s just my way of remembering this night by associating it with something, I can’t sleep. I was sleepy half an hour ago. I was really going to sleep that all my lights are turned off. As usual, like I really just can’t help it, you were and still is on my mind. It is too silent around me that there is nothing to divert my mind to. So I just thought of you to my heart’s content, recalling those brief instances that we were together. Too brief that I had to supplement them with imagined scenes of you and me, in different places doing different things, but always with the same theme of you and me finally becoming decisive of us becoming “us”.

Funny thing about human attraction is that it doesn’t take a fancy dinner or a long conversation for us to gravitate towards someone. Sometimes, it takes only a clever pick up line and you are sold. You needed not to woo me with a guitar and a rose, all it took was a cup of instant coffee on a rainy afternoon and later a Yumburger at Jollibee. Lady Gaga made perfect sense when she sang “There something, something about knowing when it’s right.”

On a silent night like this, what made me sit up and turn on my netbook to write this is this feeling similar to hunger that makes one get up at the middle of the night to wage war on the ref. Sadly, unlike your regular hunger, food isn’t enough to fill this void. I shouldn’t have thought of you that hard that I started recalling all those details—our bantering inside the auditorium, that lunch time when you said I am sexy, our walk to the college of math and sciences, that morning I got jealous of her, when you stared at me and forgot what you were going to say, what I felt when you pinched the nose of my picture that was my desktop wallpaper then.

I guess I think of you way too much. Somehow it feels like as if I have been with you for long. In my head, those imagined memories of us are slowly becoming real to my perception. I almost forget that they never happened, that they were mere creations of my psyche in an attempt to defend myself from longing for you. I am not dumb to not know that it ended somewhere between your last attempt to reconnect and my last attempt to test the waters. We shouldn’t have played poker at the very beginning. We should have struck while the iron is hot. For we never know, or maybe we always have known, when meteors begin to shower and vanish in a blink.


(Wrote this and made the video after hearing Adele's Someone Like You)