A Short Half-factual Half-imagined History of Love

(I thought this deserves to be posted here, not on my FB notes.)

Who you love and how you love them--just few of the things that society dictates you. The taboo of incest is natural, socially and biologically evolved. But what about the rules that govern friendships and relationships? Thirty millenia after man has first roamed earth, our relationships became as complex as our technology. A caveman for sure has no idea what Facebook is about nor what is referred to by the words fling, friends with benefits, exclusively dating, officially together, etc. It used to be just about finding a mate, reproducing, cooking mammoths for dinner and shooing off saber tooth tigers. As communities grew, marriage was invented. All its hassles came after that: divorce, polygamy, adultery. During the Middle Ages, courtly love was invented and fairytale was born. Renaissance gave birth to the greatest love story ever told--Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Before the Age of Facebook, your civil status can only be single, married, divorced, or widowed. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, we now have the "It's complicated option." Ask anyone what is the meaning of that, he'll tell you it's complicated. It's like a which-came-first-chicken-or-egg question, you don't get a sensible answer. Here comes the problem: more and more people are having the it's complicated status. That is I believe the plague of this generation. When 'Unofficially Yours' came out, I wasn't surprised at all. As art mirrors life, the movie depicts a usual phenomenon today.

Are we together, like together?
You mean official? No.
But why?
We don't have to be official to love each other./We're just friends./It's not you, it's me.

Rubbish. Go ahead and copulate with yourself! These new rules and way of thinking were not around during our grandparents' time. We have made things too complex that we end up tangled in a mess. In a few decade, man will be exchanging love letters with aliens through telepathy. That will the beginning of man's extinction. Year 3012.