The Fourth Shade of Disposable Love

I was reading Splice's Three Shades of Disposable Love Yesterday and I thought that another shade wasn't on the list.

You are sitting on a sticky plastic chair in your favorite internet cafe. You can't give a damn to the hunderds of sweaty hands and sweaty backs that have been there in the station where you are now or that you can probably get smacked in the face by the rowdy high school students two stations from you who are about to start a riot. You look at them and remember what it was like to be high school, to be foolish yet you own the world. You can't care because right now, on that sticky plastic chair, you feel like a high school again. You are giddy with love, the kind you feel after watching those overrated rom-coms, you know those are shit but you feel good anyway because the scenes remind you of a pretty face and those moments you shared with her and you desperately hope that you two will eventually end up like the couples in those in crappy rom-coms.

It's been 55 minutes now. Five more minutes and your time is up, either you leave or buy another ticket to an hour of blissful scanning of pictures on Facebook--your pictures with her. You clearly remeber what transpired when those pictures were taken. But the feeling, you don't remember anymore because the strength of your wanting for her now is clouding everything in the past like a strong liquor coursing through your veins making you clear-headed yet woozy, you know what your doing but you are too uninhibited to stop yourself from your whims. You have seen each picture already and have seen her timeline over again that you have memorized the lines of her face and the words she loves to utter. You are even musing on a love quote she posted. Was she talking about you?

You see on the chat box that she's online. You badly want to chat her up but you are playing cool so you won't even say hi. You don't want to appear too needy nor too desperate. A red icon pops on the top of the web page. Another notification. You click it and see (insert her name here) is in a relationship with (insert the monkey's name here). You feel nothing for the first 30 seconds and suddenly Big Bang exploded in your chest. Your chest muscles must have been injured because you can't even take a single breath. You know from now on, every thing changes. You no longer can take her out to pig outs. You no longer can call her anytime you want. The distance that you have tried to close over the years parts like the Red Sea with the staff of Moses. You see that your time is ticking yet you can't still decide what to do next.

The choices are:

a.) like her status change

b.) click the monkey's name to check the competitor

c.) unfriend her

It doesn't matter which one you pick. You can never go back to what you were anyway. You choose one of the above four seconds before your ticket expires.

You smoke the last millimeter of your cigarette. You’re down to the filter part now. It is of no use now. So you throw it away, stepping on it, crushing it thoroughly under your heel.