24 September, 2012 16:56

This girl was eyeing me curiously with her forehead furrowed. I was okay with her stare though it seemed that she was seeing something in me that didn’t earn her approval. After much hesitation, she came up to me and said…

Jiam: Aye, ino ka baden di pagparebond? (Aye, why don’t you get your hair rebonded?)

So she was having a problem with my hair. Like as if it’s a big mess that she just got to fix.

Me: Eesh. Gia i tomoon aken. Balabaw igira gopen ako miakanaw ka feeling aken na saken si J.Lo. (Eesh. This is how I want it. Especially when I just got up from bed, I feel like I am J.Lo.)

The morale here is that stick-straight hair is so 2004 when San Cai of Meteor Garden was the rage. Kidding! What I really want to say is that self-acceptance is a beautiful thing. People can throw shit on you and you get over it with a laugh or a shrug. Sorry Jiam for dragging you here, I still adore you girl.


  1. Camwhoring meets self-promotion. I should do better than this daani. lol


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