Lenses and Filters

I'm not on ganja. Not on coke either. I'm sober as a doorknob. But I see the world this way, like my eyes have Instagram filter.

I woke up this morning with a zit. My hair is always rebelling against my wishes. But I feel beautiful anyway.

This is the good life. Carefree with ragged edges, like a worn-out Levis denim button-down.


  1. apparently, what catches my eyes is that denim. well, beside some of your blogs though, ^^.
    Idk, how i end up here in your blog.. but dude, what makes me laugh a bit was when i read some of your phrases that you as well is a Maranao, I am as well. clearly, it a bit rare isn't it? find blogs and found out that you have same tribes. (i know there are blogs who happened to be maranao as well like in tumblr but i haven't seen more like a real blog and not just a reblog of photos teehee) not that good in english. pero mataw ko mambo mag maranao. Im Ar. 23, f, mla. nice seeing this blog.


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