Sinabi na Ngang Riba Eh!

One afternoon, my guy friend and I were having coffee at the Village Bakeshop and there was this sexy maroon BMW parked in front of Jeco's. We were looking at the gorgeous car, wishing we had one. Then my guy friend told me about Coconut bank. He asked if I wanted to "invest" and if I don't ever get INGGIT of these investors parading around with their flashy cars and fat wallets.


"So what if I get rich by investing? What's the point when I know that I did not get it thru honest efforts? Besides, the aleems say it is riba," I told him.


Fast forward to today, the bank is bankrupt, agents are hiding, and investors are vowing to kill if they don't get back their capital. This is what our aleems are warning us about. We could have at least listened to them, considered that they know best in Islamic law. The problem with us is that we are so into material things that we don't mind the legality of our goldmines. Our morals have dipped so low that we don't mind if we are committing grave sin. How grave is riba? It's like committing adultery with your own mother! We didn't care. We made our aleems liars because we covet our neighbor's Montero.


What did we get? This. Clock ticking towards apocalypse.
And then we heard that there's another Coconut bank in Ozamis and Pagadian. I heard many of us are flocking over there.


Walang kadala-dala.


"The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result."


-Albert Einstein


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