Ask Ayee #2

I'm answering these three already. I don't want to make these Anons to wait for too long.

1. Are you still single or married? -Anonoymous

I am not married anymore. So I am back to being single.

2. I have read from a post of a Muslim friend that engaging in war to spread Islam is fine. Is it true? -Anonymous

 No, I do not think that warring with non-Muslims to spread Islam is okay. What is rightful, as far as I know is to assert that the land be governed in an Islamic way. For example, the cause of the Bangsamoro people. Other than the grievances, the injustices of the government towards the Muslims in Mindanao, it is right that the people fight for their right to live in an Islamic way. Part of that life is be ruled by Shariah Law. As Muslims, we should always choose the peaceful path. If we need to fight, war should be the least among all possible options. The battlefield is not the only place to win the war.

3. What is your opinion on arranged marriage? -Anonymous

I abhor arranged marriages. May I stress the abhor word more?  Hate hate hate it for one simple reason: it is your life, you make your own decisions. Unless you have the balls to choose who you want to lie in bed with (sorry for the blunt words) for the rest of your life, then you are not ready to marry. Grow a pair first. The essence of marriage contract in Islam is consent, as they say, every fiber of your being, all seven layers, must agree to marry the other person. Now if the marriage is merely arranged, what are the chances that you will consent to it with all your heart and soul?

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