9 Most Crushworthy Meranao Men

Every now and then, a hot guy trends on the internet. There was that carrot man, the hot New York doctor that Pia Wurtzbach Intagrams about, and Atom Araullo who recently Lia Badillo wrote an open letter for. But before we go gaga over them, we need not look over the fence when there are many Meranao men who are not only good-looking, they have the brains to boast as well.

The first five are in their twenties. I don't know if they are single or not, I just know they are not just hot but smart, like really smart, too.

1. Rashid Pandi

Twice a representative of the Philippines in the Jessup International Moot Court in Washington D.C., besting all the other law schools in the Philippines twice over. (And yes, MY best friend. Emphasis on the my, thus earning the number 1 spot, I am biased like that.)

2.  Boggs Tanggol
Law student, executive assistant, son of MSU-IIT Chancellor Sukarno Tanggol

3. Ahmad Domado
Physician. Dances like a G-force.

4. Abdul-Rashid Batara Sampaco III
Top 1 in the Chemistry board exams. Need I say more?

5. Rial Polog Jr.
Champion in the NBA 2K16 PS4 Asia Tournament. (I have a respect for gamers because you have to be smart to win in an international gaming competition.)

The next three are married already but are legendary in terms of looks and smarts. 

6. Zed Ditucalan 
Among all Meranao young lawyers I know, Zed is a standout. His Facebook posts are like editorials in Inquirer.


7. Shihawi Khalid
Among the top ten in Electrical Engineering board exam.

8. Adel Tamano
Lawyer, TV Personality. He once ran for senator.

9. Bulkiah Dianalan
I included him here, because obviously, he has THE face, the style, and the attitude.

(I hope they don't mind it being listed here. If they do, they can e-mail me and I will take down whatever I posted here about them.)

Do you know more Meranao men of this level of excellence? Post their names on the comment section.

I still have other names in mind, however, I'm posting these first because they are a cut above the rest. There is one who I haven't posted about, and will probably not mention anywhere, because he is mine. And I am not sharing. Charot!


  1. Salaam! If only I were single I would nominate myself, haha! It's cool though that both sides of my family are represented. My uncle (my mom's brother), Kaka Adel, and my cousin, Bolkiah. Bolkiah looks EXACTLY like my dad in the second picture.

    1. I need proof you're nomination-worthy. Just kidding! Thanks for dropping by.

    2. Haha...combination of 8 & 9? I'll let you be the judge https://www.instagram.com/adianalan/

      Ramadhan Kareem!

  2. I agreee, they are good-looking. I don't care if some them are gay. They still are coool. Thanks for this post, Ate Ai!

  3. I was waiting for mine to pop out in ur list Ms. Dicali. He is a Manila-based doctor doing wonderful work for the seniors. I was gonna name him but he's mine, too. ������

    1. You have commented thrice, the first two I did not publish because I assume you did not want me to reveal who that doctor is? The secret is safe with me. *wink* I totally forgot about him. After leaving MSU-ISED, I have no idea what have become of him. I remember he was such a cutie. He deserves a spot here but yeah, he's yours so wag na lang.

    2. OMG. haha. i thought hindi na-send ung first 2 comments. haha. now i'm embarrassed. *blushblushblush* but yeah. haha. keep it a secret (pretty please!) khakowa ko a diyaman. haha. thaaannnkkss.. :*

    3. It's out little secret. *wink wink*

  4. Seriously? A muslimah blogging about HOT and smart men? I mean is it even religiously acceptable?

  5. Indeed. They deserve to be in the list. Salute to Kuya Rash.


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