Blogging with My Own Top-Level Domain

Blogging With Top-Level Domain

I am happy to announce that after two months of painstakingly building this blog, I now have a top-level domain of my own. Previously, the url of this blog is, it's quite a mouthful. Now, I am blogging at Yey! It is a dream come true.

I wanted to have a top-level domain because...

1. Because  .com appears more professional than a It comes accross as being serious in blogging as the blogger invested in buying a domain. I am deeply grateful to Kai Darul of Lilpink-A Hijabi's Blog. for gifting me the domain. I don't have a credit card and she bought the domain name for me as a token of being online friends since forever. 

Domain names are bought from domain registries like,, and Mine was bought from for a little over 10 dollars, good for 1 year. If your blog is hosted by Blogger, setting up a custom domain is a breeze. I can't be bothered by paid hosting in addition to buying domain name that is why I opted for Blogger instead of Most tech-savvy would argue of the merits of using Wordpress but I'd rather stick to Blogger because it isn't as fussy. 

2. Because having my own name as a domain name boosts my ego. You know, in the name of vanity. Kidding aside, one of the reasons I blog is that I want to market myself as a writer/journalist. Having a blog lets me have a space in the world wide web where I can showcase my body of work. Thus, because this blog represents my brand, I am naming it after me.

I am writing this as a reminder that on

April 17, 2016

I finally had my name as a top-level domain.

Here's to more years of expanding horizons and chiseling our own space online!


  1. how old are you, by the way? :)

  2. Are you single or married?


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