Youtube-Hosted Adsense for Blogger: How I Got Approved

Adsense for Blogs

When starting a blog, one of the concerns is how do we make the hobby become sustainable? Some of us pay for domains and hosting. Add the hours spent on writing content; if there is no way for the blog to earn a little, it will become counter-intuitive.

Good thing there are companies that offer to pay bloggers for displaying their ads. The most popular is Google's Adsense.

After going around forums and reading reviews, Adsense seems to be the best one out there. However, it takes some time for a blog to be approved. Many don't get approved at all.

My blog is barely two months with 30 posts when I applied, fortunately, it passed the screening and now I am displaying Adsense on this blog.

My fellow bloggers may be interested to know what I did to get approved. Here's how:

1. Prior to applying for Adsense for my blog, I already have one that is hosted by Youtube. I could have applied for a separate Adsense account for my blog but I could not as my blog and my Youtube are both hosted by Google. I can, however, upgrade the hosted account to a regular Adsense account by submitting the link of my blog and have it reviewed for approval.

2. Knowing that Google has certain standards in approving websites fit for Adsense, I did not submit my link prematurely. I did first the following:

  • Write quality content over a span of two months.
  • Write About, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages. 
  • Have a top-level domain ( instead of
  • Choose a clean and easy to navigate template.
  • Removed the other ads that I used to host (Bidevertiser,

3. When I felt that my blog has enough content and has followed all the requisites for Adsense, I submitted my URL. I got a reply of approval 2 days later.

Adsense won't earn enough as I don't have that much volume of traffic yeat, but at least I know that my blog has some sort of monetary payback right now. I'm not totally wasting my time blogging. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

I will be writing more on the specific steps (e.g. Privacy Policy, quality content) as soon as I can.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Ayee. Glad your blog got approved even it is just 2 month old. Mine was approved too when my blog was still on Blogger and few months old. What other ads you plan to include in your blog? Have you heard of Halal Ad?


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