Links I Love Vol. 1 (Millenials, Cercei, etc.)

Some days we end up surfing and clicking links without giving it much thought that we end up seeing strange things on the internet and reading tons of things without really learning anything of importance. Below are links to articles that I find interesting and worth reading. They are not click baits, I promise you.

1. How technology disrupted the truth

Algorithms such as the one that powers Facebook’s news feed are designed to give us more of what they think we want – which means that the version of the world we encounter every day in our own personal stream has been invisibly curated to reinforce our pre-existing beliefs. When Eli Pariser, the co-founder of Upworthy, coined the term “filter bubble” in 2011, he was talking about how the personalised web – and in particular Google’s personalised search function, which means that no two people’s Google searches are the same – means that we are less likely to be exposed to information that challenges us or broadens our worldview, and less likely to encounter facts that disprove false information that others have shared.

Pariser’s plea, at the time, was that those running social media platforms should ensure that “their algorithms prioritise countervailing views and news that’s important, not just the stuff that’s most popular or most self-validating”. But in less than five years, thanks to the incredible power of a few social platforms, the filter bubble that Pariser described has become much more extreme.


2. The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes

“Millennials” have become both a media scapegoat for, and a distraction from, widespread economic suffering. Having experienced no economy other than the recession’s false recovery, young Americans have arguably suffered the most. The remedy lies not in judging their lifestyle choices—or worse yet, perpetuating the illusion that they have money to burn—but by acknowledging the new economy for what it is: a structural crisis, one that future generations will share. Millennials keep getting older, but their problems stay the same age.


3. For all the Cersei fans, here's a Reddit for you because real fans are Redditors

"She had one of the most killer dresses of the show when she sat on the iron throne."

"She may not be my queen, but damn was she banging in that queen dress"
"The look in Jaime's eyes: He saw Arys reborn in front of him. And the look of the people in the crowd: All hail Cersei.... yeah"

"The Mad Queen. This should make for an interesting tale. Hurry, Arya! Do your jorb, already!"

4. Ivanka Trump: A Real First Lady?


5.Extremely rare photos of Muslims in history 

Afghan university students, 1967. Photo credit: Dr. Bill Podlich, Retronaut
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