Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Daddy's Girl Turned Web Activist (Meranao Millennials 2)

I am a social media activist. I am overprotected, I am a princess, I cannot take my activism to the streets. So I fill my social media feed with videos and links of everything the Muslim world is fighting for. I use the hashtags #PrayForSyria, #PrayForPalestine, #ProudMuslim,etc. I make sure everyone knows I am a religious girl. Mufti Menk, Nouman Khan, and Yasmin Mogahed are regular features on my social media activities. But one thing I cannot even touch: corruption in my homeland.

Meranao Millennials 2

I live in condominium unit most Meranao students can only dream of. I do not wear cheap hijabs. I travel when I have time. I am enrolled in a university where tuition is sky-high. Thanks to daddy.

How can I even talk about corruption in the government, how can I even complain when I fear that when I say a word people will point out my Papa's alleged sins? When what I eat, wear, and sleep on is stolen? Is my father guilty? I don't know. I haven't asked him. he has always been a good man in my eyes but I heard too many stories.

I am too afraid to face the truth.

I will study hard. So that one day I can make up for my Dad's mistakes. Or I can pay for his bail if it comes down to that.

For the mean time, here's a video of the bombing in Syria. Please like and share.

(Meranao Millennials is a series of character profiles of people I have created in my mind. These are fictitious characters for satirical purposes. Vol. 1 here.)


  1. i am in love with these...

    1. Thank you. I will write more as long as I can create characters in my mind. Keep tuned!


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