Links I Love Vol. 3

links i love

1. Incorporate Feng Shui into your home decorating.

2. These hand-colored portraits of Chinese people circa 1875 are soothing my soul.

3. I know this is a lot of cringe but...

this is hilarious.

4. Are you a working woman needing of a style inspo? Here's my recommendation: Garance Dore

5. Here are the top museums in the world.

6. Note to self: stop striving for perfection, avoid burnout. Here are more tips.

7. Learn to separate your work life from your personal life.

8. This is the side of Japan I want to see. 

9. Recently I discovered the joy of listening to podcasts instead of music while doing work on my laptop. Here's Jimmy Fallon on Here's the Thing podcast by Alec Baldwin.

10. Different women on why they wear the hijab and why they do not.