The holidays are here. This means kids out of school, you get a few days off from work, and you don’t want to be stuck indoors all day. But, you don’t want to go over budget with planned trips or vacations. So what can you do to take advantage of time off, while enjoying yourself with the kids and family, and not break the bank? These are a few things you might want to consider.
1. Day trip

Yes, plan a day trip to a nearby town or city. Go to local beaches, go to local tourist attractions, plan a picnic outside. All you have to pay for is the gas in the tank (you can make snacks at home to save a bit as well). You can act like a tourist where you live, and visit a few of the popular tourist destinations you typically do not go to as a local of the area.

2. Consider a B&B

A weekend for two is nice, right? Why not plan a romantic getaway for two during a weekend? You can go to a local resort, get away from things, and simply enjoy some time off with rest and relaxation you really do need. Not only are there typically several great, quaint little chains nearby to where you live but you can hop on a train for an even greater weekend hiatus, and get away from your town during the weekend as well.

3. Plan beach/park day

Go to the local beaches. If there are theme parks where you live (which you have not visited in so long) take a trip to one with the kids. Even go to the local parks in your area with a family picnic basket and enjoy nature preserves. There are several great things you can do right outside your door. It’s simply because you live in the area that you never take advantage of them. Now is the perfect time of the year to be a tourist in your own hometown so take advantage of it and do so.

4. Spend a day in

Yes, you can do things at home which are also fun. Plan a movie night with the kids, create a fun indoor park for them on a rainy day, or just spend time relaxing and enjoying one another’s company on a lazy day off. You do not have to go out, and can spend a few days in, to take advantage of the family time you lose out during the normal course of the busy year (work, kids at school, bills, etc).

There are a few things you can do right outside your door, which you possibly never even thought of when you can compile a few days off from work. Especially during the longer holiday when kids are out of school, you have to find some things to do with them. Consider a few of these options, which are not only affordable (few of them are free) but are also great ways to spend time together, where you otherwise might not be able to do so.

Consider playing music. Get inspiration and gears here: