Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Hijabi Hair Care Routine

Having my hair always under a hijab, I admit to having neglected it. A lot of times, I leave the wet, tied in a bun, and still wet when I get home late in the day. That sounds like total abuse. I shouldn't be surprised when three years ago, upon realizing that my hair has turned into a thinning mop of copper wires, frizzy and abused-artificial-wig-looking, I decided to chop it into a bob and swore to myself to not have it colored. My hair has now grown waist-long. I have been on the hunt for products and techniques that can save my scalp from giving up on me. I have found a routine that works for me. Sharing it for the ladies. 

(I realized that I am talking about hair care w/o showing my hair. See my for-female-friends-only Tik Tok for proof of healthy hair.) 

1. Sulfate-free products

I switched to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. My current faves are Loreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner (Watsons, P350), and Nanny Rose Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hair fall shampoo (Watsons, around P250). I have type 2b wavy hair and these products keep my waves defined and do not dry out even the ends. I have read in the Reddit beauty community that not shampooing daily is the key. As for me, I am intuitive about it. If my scalp feels greasy, I shampoo, if dry, I skip. So I don't have a fast rule about shampooing. 

2. Ditch your coarse towel.

 I use an old cotton shirt to wrap my hair when shampooing. The weight of a big towel can pull on the hair strands. And a cotton shirt is less harsh on the hair. 

3. Brushing 100x is a myth

I go easy on brushing my hair. Excessive brushing can further damage the weak ends. Be gentle on the ends of your hair, they have been there since like three years ago. 

4. Stop frying your hair with hot tools

Air-dry your hair as much as possible. Keep hairstyling with hot tools to a minimum. Healthy hair with a natural texture is better than styled hair with split ends.

5. Go easy on harsh hair salon treatments including color

Like, have you ever met someone with colored hair that has hair that is not only good to look at but also nice to touch? If you have, please ask her the secret for me? :) I cannot keep colored hair healthy nor grow it long. 

6. Invest in hair treatments that restore the health of the hair

I have tried Hairscape's anti-hair fall treatment and I have become a believer ever since. Also. I keep a tub of hair mask for those days when I have time to put some on.

7. Eat healthily

This may sound cliche but I'll say it anyway: diet plays a big role in your hair health. My hair feels better lately now that I catch what I consume. Taking supplements can also help. At the end of the day, no matter what products and treatments you use when your body is not well, your scalp won't grow healthy hair. 

8. Be zen

And finally, protect yourself from too much stress. It can cause your hair to fall more than usual, causing thinning of the hair.