My Jihad is Better than Yours (Meranao Millenials 3)

I am Fatima, 17, a freshman in Mindanao State University. I study BS Biology. My parents want a doctor in the family. I would have studied Islamic Studies if I had my way. This dunya is temporary, what we really have to prepare for is the hereafter.

My Jihad is Better than Yours

I am on the way to Cagayan de Oro City, as I write this down, I am on-board a Super 5 bus. Earlier, I saw a tarpaulin in the terminal. I saw my love's face on the tarpaulin, on the wanted list tarpaulin. They say he is a t----rist. But to me he is the ideal mu'min. He is no merely a believer, but he acts upon his beliefs, one of which is for Shariah to be the law in the land.

I still remember where I met him. I saw him preaching among the men who were hanging out in the shed near the mosque. He looked like a young warrior. I had to use much effort to tear my eyes off him. From then on, the seed of love took root in my heart. 

I must admit that he is one of the reasons why I became more devout. I joined more religious seminars where I met young women like me who are thirsty for something to believe in.

Just this February, the enemies bombed our homeland. Bombs fell like rain. The sound reverberated like cannons are booming right outside on our lawn. My ears rang with booms and bangs for weeks. With each boom, my chest felt like it was beaten like a drum.

I was scared. And I was proud. Because he was out there where boys become men.

He fought in the battlefield. I spent my nights for his safety. I prayed for victory for the men who believe in real jihad, them who won't give up until Islam is practiced in the homeland in its absolute state.

So many of the old ones have been tempted by money and power. But us young ones won't follow down their tracks. We will fight. Jannah is our price.

I will go to CDO. I will meet new recruits. The movement is just getting started. 

(Meranao Millennials is a series of character profiles of people I have created in my mind. These are fictitious characters for satirical purposes. Vol. 1 here, vol.2 here)


  1. Really provoking article.

  2. I mean provoking to think :)

    1. That's one of the purposes of writing this kind of article. :)

  3. Waaaaaaaahhh ! Please write a romance story about a non-muslim boy falling inlove with a Muslimah xD and then bec. of her he became a Muslim! <3 I love love this one! You're such a nice writer:D Teach me your ways Senpai! xD

    Write more! Pray more! May Allah bless you. Assalamualaykum :)


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