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My Takeaways from 2016

It's the second of January today and a voice in my head has been nagging me incessantly that I have been lazing around the house for two days straight without writing an obligatory year-end post. At half past 5, here I am mentally scolding myself into writing this. Because despite my lack of enthusiasm, deep don it is important to me. And if I miss this, I feel like I missed an important step in the cliched but necessary new year, new me sh**, which is also important to me. 

Looking back, evaluating, and taking pieces from 2016 is my way of letting go everything that burdened me in the past year and easing myself into the new one with a renewed energy. Despite my self-deprecatory nature, I must recognize my achievements and build on them this year. USA elected Trump but 2016 ain't that bad at all.

Here are the highlights of my 2016:


  • Everything fell into place for one of the most important relationships in my life.


  • Launched my blog on Feruary 12.

  • I was new in CNN Philippines. I didn't expect making it to the prime time news. But Butig suddenly became a battle ground. And I got a chance to interview Commander Bravo of MILF. It was surreal.



  • I was everywhere covering the campaign. I remember Leni, Binay, Chiz, and  Mar visiting Marawi and Iligan.


  • Elections, it tested me as a budding journalist. I clearly remember braving the violence and be able to deliver three live reports on CNN Philippines in one day.


  • Moved to Iligan. The first month was difficult.


  • Birth month.


  • PIA happened. Best decision ever!


  • It was one of my busiest and most productive months. The highlight for me was the Charter Day celebration in Marawi that I covered. For the first time after almost a decade, there was that celebratory atmosphere in the city that has long been depressed.


  • October was all about my MBA family and the fun times we spent covering important events in Marawi like the CRDA launching and Mayor Gandamra's first hundred days.


  • Went to the Cine Europa in CDO.
  • Assisted in the media coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte's visit to Butig, Lanao del Sur, Camp Evangilista and Polymedic Medical Center in Cagayan de Oro.


  • Attended PIA's 30th anniversary in UP Bahay ng Alumni where I was awarded 3rd place in PIA 30th.
  • Anniversary Photo Contest for my Butig child evacuees photograph.

Finally, the beautiful things I learned from 2016:

1. Hard work trumps talent.

2. Be brave, but choose your battles well.

3. In this world of curated feeds, stay true to your brand.

4. Think for yourself, do not subscribe to an idea just because it is popular.

5. Love hard, fight for what you love if you must.

6. No one will value you as much as yourself.

7. Trends are but trends, dress as you, not as everybody else.

8. Listen to your mentors, observe them, learn the secret to their success.

9. Be genuine in social media, but keep private things to yourself.

10. When you wake up in the wrong side of the bed, get up, the world won't wait, not even for Putin.

Happy new year loves, here's to good health and happiness, In Shaa Allah!


  1. omo! you bought this theme! ikaw naaaaaa ang mayamaaaan! hehehe. loved it so much! happy for what you've accomplished, aye! Here's to an amazing 2017!


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